Mastering Qualitative Skills

is Difficult.

So is evaluating them (at scale).

The first platform specializing in

Assessing, Evaluating, and Strengthening Complex Skills.

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FineTune is partnering with The College Board to customize our platform to serve more than 3,500,000 students and 160,000 teachers across 38 AP® Courses by 2019.

FineTune is partnering with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to deliver scalable professional learning on our platform to more than 5,000 teachers using the Summit Learning Curriculum in nearly 400 schools throughout the U.S.

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Steve Shapiro


Steve is a serial entrepreneur, having founded three companies in education, international travel, and workforce development.

Ogden Morse

Founder & CAO

Ogden is both an educator and an entrepreneur — one who finds that his respective passions inform and strengthen each other.

Jennifer Ku


Jennifer has years of experience bringing products to market in industries ranging from marketplace companies, media, and financial services.

Simmy Ziv-el

Dir. Business Development

Strategist, Executive and Consultant for education and workforce products & services across cultures around the world.

Steve Picciano

VP of Engineering

Technology leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for leveraging innovation and analytics to make a difference.

Justin Powell

Head of Engineering

With many years of experience developing software, Justin is passionate about products that have a positive impact on the world.

Seung Chong

Head of Product Design

Seung loves complex design challenges. With her team, she creates thoughtful, engaging and elegant design solutions that add value to users.

Jay Trommer

Head of Quality

Jay has over 20 years of experience combining data analytics and user feedback to help create high quality, user friendly experiences.

Kat Heath

Technical Project Manager

Kat leverages her technical know-how to optimize organizations and challenge them to deliver best-in-class products.


Board of Directors

Martin Scaglione

Board Member

Martin is President and CEO of Hope Street Group since 2014, and has made it his life’s work to create access to learning for those in need.

Jeffrey Sugerman

Board Member

Jeffrey brings more than 25 years of experience in executive management, within the technology, training and publishing industries.

Linda G. Roberts

Board Member

Linda brings her committment to advancing the effective use of technology in education, advising companies, foundations and government agencies.

Jeffrey True

Board Member

Jeffrey brings more than 30 years of financial and operations leadership across a range of industries. He is COO of Integrity Holdings, LLC.

Ted Preston

In Memoriam

Ted is Senior VPO for Decision Resources Group, a global IT services company providing solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our Story

FineTune was originally founded as AcademicMerit by Ogden Morse, a high-school English teacher determined to find innovative ways to use cloud-based technology to bring best instructional practices to the classroom. Our company's first product was Literary Companion®, a close-reading program designed to make classic literature more accessible to contemporary students; it was soon followed by Assessments21®, which enabled benchmark and formative writing assessments, and FineTune®, the first tool of its kind for competency-based professional learning in writing evaluation.

It was this early focus on writing that laid the foundation for our company's evolution. We came to understand that improving outcomes in writing requires seamlessly linking professional learning, student assessment, and data-driven differentiated instruction in a virtuous cycle—a pedagogy that has since proved adaptable to virtually any context involving qualitative skills. Now, even as we continue to hone our solution for writing at all levels, the FineTune platform is expanding into these contexts throughout K–12, Higher Ed and professional training.