Our Team

Boston–Based. Worldwide talent.


Steve Shapiro

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is a serial entrepreneur, having founded three companies in education, international travel, and workforce development.

Jennifer Ku

Chief Product Officer

Jennifer has years of experience bringing products to market in industries ranging from marketplace companies, media, and financial services.

Steven Maggs

Chief Technology Officer

Steven blends both hands-on and management experience building and maintaining large-scale Internet services and properties.

Saad Khan, PhD

Chief Innovation and Research Officer

AI expert, EdTech innovator and thought leader. Saad believes "… there is a need for more tech in social good and more social good in tech."

Simmy Ziv-el

Chief Business Development Officer

Business Strategist and Executive for education and workforce products and services across cultures around the world.

Ogden Morse

Founder & Chief Academic Officer

Ogden is both an educator and an entrepreneur — one who finds that his respective passions inform and strengthen each other.

Steve Picciano

VP of Engineering

Technology leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for leveraging innovation and analytics to make a difference.

Seung Chong

Head of Product Design

Seung loves complex design challenges. With her team, she creates thoughtful, engaging and elegant design solutions that add value to users.

Justin Powell

Head of Engineering

With many years of experience developing software, Justin is passionate about products that have a positive impact on the world.

Kat Heath

Technical Project Manager

Kat leverages her technical know-how to optimize organizations and challenge them to deliver best-in-class products.

Jay Trommer

Head of Quality Assurance

Jay has over 20 years of experience combining data analytics and user feedback to help create high quality, user friendly experiences.


Board of Directors

Bill Hughes

Board Member

Bill is president of Open4 Learning, an education-based venture advisory company. He serves as a partner with Milamber Ventures.

Julie Yoo

Board Member

Julie has years of experience in data science and AI. She is founder of a healthcare data analytics startup and co-founder of pymetrics.

Stephen Laster

Board Member

Stephen is Chief Digital Officer at McGraw-Hill and is a seasoned product strategist, digital Learning designer and educator.

Martin Scaglione

Board Member

Martin is President and CEO of Hope Street Group since 2014, and has made it his life’s work to create access to learning for those in need.

Jeffrey Sugerman

Board Member

Jeffrey brings more than 25 years of experience in executive management, within the technology, training and publishing industries.

Linda G. Roberts

Board Member

Linda brings her committment to advancing the effective use of technology in education, advising companies, foundations and government agencies.

Jeffrey True

Board Member

Jeffrey brings more than 30 years of financial and operations leadership across a range of industries. He is COO of Integrity Holdings, LLC.

Ted Preston

In Memoriam