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FineTune is partnering with The College Board to customize our platform to serve more than 3,500,000 students and 160,000 teachers across 38 AP® Courses by 2019.

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Steve Shapiro

Steve Shapiro
Chief Executive

Steve is a serial entrepreneur, having founded three companies (in education, international travel, and workforce development) over 25 years. He jumped at the opportunity to join FineTune in 2014. His belief in a flat, diverse organization and a lean-startup methodology has permeated his work here, as the company has grown from eight employees to more than 30 during his tenure. Steve is also an angel investor with LaunchPad Venture Group and Cornell Red Bear Angels. Additionally, he is heavily involved in a number of endeavors to improve equity in education and the workforce, and he's fanatical about quality time with his family as well as his favorite hobby: basketball strategy and coaching.

Steve has both a BS and MBA from Cornell University

Ogden Morse

Ogden Morse
Founder & Chief Product Officer

Ogden is both an educator and an entrepreneur — one who finds that his respective passions inform and strengthen each other. The son and grandson of teachers, in the late 1990s he founded Lyceum Communications, where he was responsible for the development of Get A Clue®, which was named one of the top four educational software programs in 2000. He was also an English teacher at Falmouth (Maine) High School, where his experiences in the classroom led him to found AcademicMerit (now FineTune). As Chief Product Officer, he draws on those experiences, and his deep understanding of learning, evaluation, and instruction — whatever the context — to ensure that every solution FineTune develops is grounded in sound pedagogy, easy to use, and of clear practical value to end-users.

Ogden is a graduate of Dartmouth College (B.A., English)

Kwan Lee

Kwan Lee
Chief Technology Officer

Kwan is an entrepreneur at heart, an academic in nature, and strives to find ways to create value by creatively disrupting legacy products or systems. His mission is to improve human-computer symbiosis and help scale software teams, data platforms and products. He helps organizations reduce risks in software product strategy and development. Prior to joining FineTune, he was instrumental in building a data-driven investing platform for OpenView Venture Partners and, prior to that work, building product and technology for four startup companies at Redstar Ventures. He has also worked at Bose, Intuit, Bank of America, and GTE building consumer and enterprise software products at scale. At MIT Media Lab, his research was focused on understanding human behaviors through mobile phones and utilizing data to help overcome behavioral biases. He has also taught at POSTECH University in Korea in the area of applying design thinking to engineering problem-solving, as well as user-centered agile software design. He has lived in Spain, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru and is striving to become a global citizen and bridge the best of east and west.

Kwan is a graduate of Cornell (B.S., M.Eng) and MIT (S.M, Ph.D.)

Board of Directors

Bill Hughes

Bill Hughes

Bill is president of Open4 Learning, an education-based venture advisory company. In that capacity, he serves as a partner with Milamber Ventures, which has a global reach in education and employability. Prior to his current position, Bill was Chief Strategy Officer at Learning Objects, a growth-stage ed tech start-up acquired by Cengage Learning. Prior to that position, he was Vice President of Business Development at Pearson. Bill got his start as an innovator in IT and internet sectors with leadership roles at Sapient and Cambridge Incubator (now CIC). He volunteers as a board member of EDC and AISNE.

Bill is a graduate of Harvard College and the MIT Sloan School, where he was a Seley Scholar

Martin Scaglione

Martin Scaglione

Martin is President and CEO of Hope Street Group since 2014, and has made it his life’s work to create access to learning for those in need. Prior to joining Hope Street Group, he served as the Co-Founder and CEO of Viridis Learning, a talent technology company; prior to that position, he served as President and COO of ACT’s Workforce Development Division, where he launched the National Career Readiness system, and helped drive President Obama’s Job Council program, “Right Skills Now.” Martin also served as COO at Bosch-Siemens Household, VP of Corporate Strategy at Hon Industries, and Vice President of Marketing at Maytag.

A native of Des Moines and a graduate of Drake University, Martin lives with his wife Lisa in New York City

Jeffrey Sugerman

Jeffrey Sugerman

Jeffrey brings more than 25 years of experience in executive management, marketing and business development within the technology, training and publishing industries. As President and CEO of Inscape Publishing, he led a transformation of the company that began in 2001 and culminated in 2012, when it was acquired by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. and Jeff was named Executive Vice President of the Talent Solutions and Education Services Group, with consolidated annual revenue of more than $225M. Prior to joining Inscape Publishing, Jeffrey was the CEO of Point Cloud, Inc., an interactive product visualization company supporting e-commerce. Previously, he served as vice president and general manager of Virtual University Enterprises and NCS Assessments.

Jeffrey received his Ph.D. in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and his B.A. from Northwestern University

Ted Preston

Ted Preston

Ted is Senior Vice President of Operations for Decision Resources Group, a global information and technology services company that provides proprietary data and solutions to the healthcare industry. He is also Principal Consultant for Momentum Associates, which focuses on mission-driven for- and non-profit companies and organizations. Prior to consulting, he served as General Manager and Senior Vice President at An early investor and later a member of the management team, he helped scale operations, launch international services and integrate’s initial acquisitions. Before that, Ted served as the first Chief Executive Officer of The Achievement Network, a nonprofit that supports public schools closing the achievement gap using data-driven instruction.

Ted is a graduate of Brown University (A.B, History) and Harvard Business School

Jeffrey True

Jeffrey True

Jeffrey brings more than 30 years of financial and operations leadership with companies across a broad range of industries. He is Chief Operating Officer of Integrity Holdings, LLC, a privately held holding company. Prior to that, he was Assistant Branch Manager for Boise Cascade, Chief Operating Officer at Correct Building Products, and a Principal at Exchange Business Partners. Throughout his career, he has gained significant experience navigating businesses through seasonal and cyclical business climates, incubating early-stage start-ups, raising venture capital and managing sustainable growth.

Jeff is a graduate of Northeastern University (B.A., Finance) and Bentley University (MSF, Finance)

Our Story

FineTune was originally founded as AcademicMerit by Ogden Morse, a high-school English teacher determined to find innovative ways to use cloud-based technology to bring best instructional practices to the classroom. Our company's first product was Literary Companion®, a close-reading program designed to make classic literature more accessible to contemporary students; it was soon followed by Assessments21®, which enabled benchmark and formative writing assessments, and FineTune®, the first tool of its kind for competency-based professional learning in writing evaluation.

It was this early focus on writing that laid the foundation for our company's evolution. We came to understand that improving outcomes in writing requires seamlessly linking professional learning, student assessment, and data-driven differentiated instruction in a virtuous cycle—a pedagogy that has since proved adaptable to virtually any context involving qualitative skills. Now, even as we continue to hone our solution for writing at all levels, the FineTune platform is expanding into these contexts throughout K–12, Higher Ed and professional training.

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