Mastering Qualitative Skills Is Hard.

So is evaluating them (at scale).

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Introducing the First

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How FineTune Works

Foundational Learning

Acquisition of Core Concepts and Skills for Teachers and Students


High-Quality Content. Accurate, Consistent Evaluation

Data Analysis

Identification of Areas in Need of Strengthening

Targeted Learning

Data-Driven, Self-Paced Resources for Teachers and Students


Valid Determination of Mastery, Proficiency, and/or Growth over Time





FineTune is partnering with the College Board to customize our platform to serve more than 3,500,000 students and 160,000 teachers across 38 AP Courses by 2019.

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About Us


FineTune, originally named AcademicMerit, was founded by Ogden Morse, a high-school English teacher determined to find innovative ways to use cloud-based technology to make it easier to bring best instructional practices to the classroom.

The company's first product was Literary Companion®, a close-reading program designed to make classic literature more accessible to contemporary students. It was soon followed Assessments21®, which enabled benchmark and formative assessments, and eventually FineTune®, the first tool of its kind for competency-based professional learning.

A Focus on Writing

Through it all, the company's primary focus has been on writing, the crucial skill in which U.S. students continue to under-perform — and for which innovations in educational technology have lagged behind. Over time, what Ogden and his colleagues came to understand is that improving outcomes in writing requires seamlessly linking professional learning, student assessment, and data-driven differentiated instruction in a virtuous cycle — a pedagogy that has since been proved adaptable to virtually any context involving qualitative learning.

Now, even as the FineTune platform begins its expansion throughout K-12, and into Higher Ed and professional training, its commitment to its roots in writing remains as strong as ever.