Leading the way in AI-Human hybrid solutions for assessment and learning.


Our patent pending approach applies advanced AI to empower authors to design, edit, and create items, passages and content in novel and unprecedented ways, quickly and efficiently.

Unlike Automated Item Generation (AIG) that use template based item models, Finetune Generate® requires no upfront setup work or template building by the content developer. Instead, writers utilise Generate’s advanced AI authoring engine to create novel items with a click of a button.


Finetune Catalog™ is an AI-powered content classification and alignment tool that tags learning and assessment content more accurately and meaningfully, and much faster than a human team.

Unlike other systems that rely on keywords and crosswalks, Catalog is powered by cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) that analyzes deep conceptual and contextual relations in content to classify it against a wide variety of standards and taxonomies.

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