Custom Solutions

The leading innovation firm dedicated to the education industry.

The world of education is changing rapidly.

Amidst all the change, we are here to partner with your company to enable better and faster innovation.

Whether it is customizing our existing products to fit your unique needs or co-designing a new solution in partnership with you, we are ready to tackle your education focused challenges.

Why are we different?

Education is in our DNA

  • We are experts and connectors within the field of education — we know the players, the market forces, and the mandate.
  • Years of experience in education makes us savvy to your company’s needs, the constraints, the opportunities, and the direction of the industry.

We are expert innovators & product developers

  • We are specialists in innovation and product development who can provide guidance on how to turn an idea into a reality.
  • We can run a process to determine what to work on in the first place, how to break it down into its components, and then execute on it.

We are technology experts

  • We hire, develop, and retain the best talent. We use the latest tools, scalable technologies, and proven agile methodologies.
  • Our dedicated developers come as a 100% extension of your team.
  • Our team is fully-synced and available, whether it’s a chat, daily standup, a code review or when an important decision needs to be made.
  • Our team is adept in the education ecosystem – LTI integrations, single sign on, content publishing and more.

Our Custom Solutions


Acumen is an online scoring and writing assessment tool that streamlines the administering, rubric-based scoring, and reporting of free response questions, videos, and presentations.

The benefits are twofold: It improves the effectiveness of assessment by enabling a streamlined rubric based scoring system, and it also speeds up scoring by aiding scorers through a hybrid AI scoring system.


Converge is our digital platform that enables inter-rater reliability through a process that allows any diverse group to become more consistent with how they score or give feedback.

Identify how much divergence a group of people have evaluating the same piece of work with the same rubric, and give scorers the tools to discuss and reconcile those differences, so that they all score with fairness, consistency, and justification.


Elevate is a digital assessment platform that helps instructors improve student performance in dozens of different subject areas.

Instructors are able to quickly create formative exams, deliver them securely, and view reports to see what students need remediation and in what topics. It enables a fast, virtuous cycle of formative assessments and feedback so instructors can focus their efforts and help students be their best.