Finetune Generate® is Now Patent Pending

Finetune Generate® is Now Patent Pending 

Finetune Generate, a patent-pending artificial intelligence product powered by powerful natural language generation algorithms, dramatically increases exam creation efficiency and quality, solving key problems in testing and learning.

Finetune, a global educational technology company, announced that its advanced AI content authoring product, FineTune Generate, is now patent pending. Generate is something entirely new for the assessment world, and it has been proven in action. “We have run several pilots of Generate studying its AI based assessment content authoring capabilities in a wide variety of real-world applications with organizations that are leaders in their fields. Generate improves item writers’ output by three to ten times, but even more impressively, the quality metrics are consistently judged superior to authoring without Generate,” said Dr. Saad Khan, inventor of Generate and Chief Research & Innovation Officer at FineTune.

A fundamental problem in testing operations is that writing quality test questions is time-consuming, expensive, and subject to shortages of subject matter experts. “No one who is responsible for test development has ever complained about having too many good test questions,” noted Dr. Sara Vispoel, Finetune’s Chief Assessment & Learning Officer. “Shortages of these questions reduce the measurement quality of tests and decrease the value of information coming from them.”

Steve Shapiro, Finetune’s CEO, noted that Generate is “one of those rare game-changing products that improves testing for all of its stakeholders. Assessment leaders love the increased strategic, public relations, and revenue opportunities. Testing managers appreciate that Generate is fast, flexible, easily implemented, and budget-sparing. Psychometricians are grateful to avoid test design compromises due to item shortages. Authors—especially volunteer authors—really appreciate the creativity and productivity boost that Generate’s AI and NLP provides them. And test-takers naturally receive the benefit of better quality tests.”

Finetune’s prowess in educational technology has led to the creation of products that are the backbone of teacher education, assessment scoring systems, and advanced AI content tagging. Simmy Ziv-el, Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer shared Finetune’s philosophy: “Computer scientists know that the best AI tools are used by domain professionals in a hybrid human-AI fashion. Our AI supports subject matter experts’ creativity and authoring insight.  It is creating opportunities for testing programs that were not available only a few months ago.”

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A peer-reviewed research paper and accompanying whiter paper on FineTune Generate are available for download at:

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